Tasmania Road Trip Itinerary, Day 10: Goodbye Tasmania

By December 27, 2016 No Comments

Here we are – the final day of our long road trip through Tasmania. With an early evening flight booked, we didn’t have much time to do anything, so we decided to take it easy.

In case you’re wondering, we capped off our journey with a hearty brunch at Cafe Mondello, before returning our sturdy rental car at Budget’s Launceston Airport branch.

From here, we were headed to the next Aussie city on our itinerary: Brisbane. More on that soon!

Before that, some reflections are due.

For us, travelling has always been more than just a “trip,” and driving through Tasmania has been more than just a “road trip.” We’ve gained new experiences, insights, and perspectives.

One of our most vivid memories was sitting with the owner of The Pondering Frog one fine afternoon and just sharing lives. We always love listening to stories of people and chatting with him was simply therapeutic. Similarly, serendipitous meetings with some Malaysian travellers while skiing, or little conversations with our Airbnb hosts, added flavour and life to our journey.

Such moments, again, reinforce our wanderlust. That going away is not only for the sake of leaving the present, but about pursuing a renewed understanding about life. And this, can only be achieved through conversations and relationships.

Ten days was certainly insufficient for such a beautiful place like Tasmania. Having travelled through the East Coast, we cannot wait to explore the West Coast – hopefully soon enough! More importantly, we cannot wait to be amidst the warmth of the people there again.

See you again, Tassie. You’ll be dearly missed.