Jan is a creative designer and researcher who is passionate about building relationships and creating social impact, while Daniel is a marketer who has worked at startups like Zopim, Tech in Asia, and Piktochart, and has recently started his own venture.

What you will peruse on this website is an amalgamation of the things closest to our hearts: food, travel, and God. Some day, we’d like to travel to every country in the world, eating our hearts out and doing God’s work there. That would quite literally be heaven on earth!

In other words, fulfilling our hearts’ desires. There are two reasons why we decided to start recording these down.

Firstly, to constantly remind ourselves of the bountiful blessings we’ve had in our lives. Secondly, to inspire and inform our readers (that’s you!) to experience the same.

Travel vicariously through us as you read our stories of adventure on the road and see the world through our photographs (which you can download for free! You’re welcome).

Want to work with us, or contact us for anything? You can reach us via our contact form, or drop an email to contact [at] jayndee.com.

We hope that you will enjoy our stories as much as we’ve had fun experiencing them!